About Us

We would like to thank you for taking the time to visit Fitzgerald Commodities’ web site.  With an abundance of brokerage houses and investment services available, we realize the importance in finding a firm that you can trust, and one with which you can build a close working relationship.

As we progress into a period of greater market volatility and uncertainty, along-side an ever-growing array of investment choices, the brokerage firm one chooses to entrust becomes even more critical.  Our goal is not only to provide our clients with profitable investment choices and the standard ‘amenities’ that most firms provide, but to go the extra mile to provide more in-depth research, access to more markets, better transaction fills, and all of this with the courtesy and respect that you would expect from a professional firm.

It is our belief that investor education is just as important as the investments themselves.  This is why our brokers conduct seminars and workshops, they set up appointments to fit the client’s schedule, our web site has educational tips and web-links, and they take all necessary steps to educate the investor so he has a firm understanding of his investments and the markets.  We believe a knowledgeable investor is a profitable investor.

Thank you once again for visiting Fitzgerald Commodities.  We look forward to being able to work with you in the future, and are confident we can add to your investing success.